Crack Soap Event, Art director and project manager

We were tired of the same NY parties, standing around thinking, “you can’t sit with us”. We wanted a place were it felt safe to dance again, somewhere you could temporarily elude the prejudice, and anxiety of contemporary life. We wanted somewhere you could “dance as if no one was watching”.

A collaboration by Artists Wardell Milan, Mel Harper and Music Guru Mark Souza, Crack Soap's New York iteration was hosted by Franceleslia Millien, a NY party girl that always brings out a crowd, and NYC/LA staples DJ/musicians 0thr, Young Wavy Fox, Teeburr, and DJ April Hunt. 

Playing an eclectic mix of world music spanning everything from Baile Funk, Afrobeat, Hip Hop, disco, house and dance to everything in between, the party was conceived as a multi-cultural, mutli-sexual safe space. Lose yourself dancing or mix and mingle with a diverse crowd of artists, models, musicians, and creatives.